PERCEIVE - Patient Involvement in Improving the Evidence Base on Inpatient Care


PERCEIVE is a research programme which looks at the therapeutic environment on inpatient psychiatric wards.  This programme emphasises service user views and also takes feedback from staff.  PERCEIVE creates new questionnaires so the ward environment can be assessed.  PERCEIVE also compares ward admission systems and enables staff teams to perform therapeutic interventions on the wards.

Mental Health Research Network

The Mental Health Research Network is part of the National Institute for Health Research and our mission is to help make research about mental health happen within the NHS in England. Til Wykes is the director of the MHRN.

Service User Research Enterprise (SURE)

The Service User Research Enterprise (SURE) undertakes research that tests the effectiveness of services and treatments from the perspective of people with mental health problems and their carers. SURE aims to involve service users in a collaborative way in the whole research process: from design to data collection, through to data analysis and dissemination of results. Til Wykes is one of the co-directors.

Centre for Recovery in Severe Psychosis

The goal of CRiSP is to provide:

  • Data on the effectiveness of new treatments from controlled evaluations
  • The development of innovative rehabilitation services within the Trust
  • Training for a variety of disciplines in the implementation of these treatments
  • Information on maintaining the initial treatment effects